Sustainability Is Both What We Believe In and What We Do




Responsible Travel


Our focus is to make others socially and culturally aware of their travel impact and make them travel responsibly; leaving a positive impact on the environment.




We offer a wide range of economical and budget-friendly accommodations.




We aim to improve our accommodations’ ecological quality and reduce their impact on the environment. We aim at providing our guests chemical-free food, use solar panels, use low-flow water fixtures, etc.




We have listed a wide range of eco-friendly properties that have many features from solar panels, solar geysers, to efficient light bulbs and more glass windows to get more natural light in.


Honesty & Accuracy


We ensure that all the accommodations listed on ECOFNB are genuine in terms of their property’s photos, property type, number of rooms, amenities and other facilities and the general description of the property must be mentioned accurately to make our guest’s stay more pleasurable.




Our help team will respond to all inquiries and reservation requests within 24 hours.




We ensure that our listed accommodations are clean and tidy before each guest’s arrival. This includes changing linens, neat and clean bedrooms and cleaning surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen.




We ensure that all the relevant amenities, appliances and features promised at the time of booking should be available and operational during the stay of our guests.