Concept of ECOFNB

1. What is ECOFNB?

ECOFNB (Eco-Food & Bed) is an online platform which has listed some of the eco-friendly and ecological properties on the portal ( ).We offer our guests a healthy travel holiday, enriching the local, diverse and authentic culture of the ongoing destination. We offer our guests a wide range of Homestays, Organic Stays/Resorts, Farmstays and Agrostays to make their stay; worth remembering.

2. Why should I choose ECOFNB?

After a detailed research and understanding about the importance of sustainability our team has come up with an idea to choose “Green” over “Concrete”. Infusion of “Sustainability” with “Tourism” makes it even more unique and interesting. Give us a chance to be a part of your memorable moments and enjoy splendid journey at the most beautiful places of our country.

3. What does ECOFNB offer?

We offer some of the most exquisite & eco-friendly Homestays, Organic Stays/Resorts, Farmstays, Agrostays to make your stay relaxing and comfortable. Currently, we are operational in Uttarakhand, India. We’ll surely extend our range of listed properties in the future.

Booking of Rooms

4. How can I search for eco-friendly Stay on ECOFNB?

To Search and book a stay with us kindly follow the steps:


  1. Sign up or Login on
  2. Fill the required details such as; enter your destination/location, Check-in and check-out dates, number of guests and click Search. Or you can also click on “ECOSTAYS” at the top on the header.
  3. Select the suitable “ECOSTAYS” category (Homestays/Agrostays/Farmstays/Organic Stays). Read the stay’s description and further details and book a room by clicking on “BOOK NOW”.
  4. Click on the selected property and scroll down for amenities, stay rules, policies and reviews.
  5. In case you have any query regarding the stay, contact us.

Note: The word “ECOSTAY” is used for all of our eco-friendly and ecological properties.

Account And Profile

5. How to book an ECOSTAY with ECOFNB?

When you book a stay with ECOFNB, you are giving approval on staying in someone’s ecostay/home. Each Ecostay owner has a unique way of greeting and welcoming their guests. We expect you to respect their greetings and accommodation as well.


  1. Kindly provide us with your complete details before you book a room with us. You need to sign-up/login on the website.
  2. Find the right destination for your travel amongst the wide variety of ECOSTAYS or any other accommodations available on our website.
  3. Mention the required booking details – travel dates, number of guests, number of rooms and read about amenities, rules, policies and reviews. Feel free to contact us while booking a stay with us at +91 7078877002, +91 7078877716.
  4. Book your ECOSTAY now. As you have found your perfect place to visit. After reading all the required details of the property it’s time to make your booking official. Click on the “BOOK NOW” option and make payment online.

6. How can I submit my booking request?

After viewing all the favorable ECOSTAYS for your ongoing destination, select a suitable accommodation for your trip. Read all the available information about the place and the available amenities. Make sure it fits as per your requirement.

a) Click on “BOOK NOW.
b) Sign-up/Login to your account before proceeding further.
c) Review your booking details to make sure everything is correct.
d) Add your payment information on the payments page.
e) Agree to the Policies and Terms, including the Stay Rules and the Cancellation Policy.
f) Wait for your booking confirmation mail. It will be sent to you by our team shortly.

7. How can I check the status of my booking as a Guest?

 If you have submitted your booking request, then certain things needs to be fulfilled to confirm your request:

a) Make sure you have entered correct payment details.

b)  Login to your account and click on “Booking History” to view your booking status.

c) You must have received a booking confirmation mail from the ECOFNB team.


8. How can I become a Partner with ECOFNB?

A person who preferably owns a Homestay, Organic Resort/Stay, Farmstay, Agrostay or any other such accommodation as per our terms and policies in Uttarakhand state, India then he/she can become a partner with ECOFNB. We would love to partner with you and make you an inseparable part of our family. To become a Partner with ECOFNB you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Sign-up.
  2. Fill the details and select Partner User.
  3. Tick the T&C and Privacy Policy.

(Note: Due to security reasons we allow Sign-up as a Partner with email only).

ECOFNB will try to make the entire registration process simple and easy-going for you. For more details, mail us at, or contact us at +91 7078877002, +91 7078877716 and our team will respond you shortly.

9. How to create an account on ECOFNB as a Partner?

a) If you don’t have an ECOFNB account yet, go to and click on Sign Up (for both the Partners and Guests).
b) You can sign-up using your email address, Face book account or Google account.  Sign-up or creating an ECOFNB account is absolutely free.
c) After you sign up, Admin approval is required for partner verification. You can proceed further after receiving approval mail from the admin.
d) After successful verification, you can register your property on Partner dashboard and add selective images with good resolution of your accommodation with amenities and stay rules and policies.

10. How can I list my property on ECOFNB?

a. Click on Sign up/login.

b. Click on Partner Dashboard.

c. Complete your verification details and start listing your property.

d. Under the “Hotel” tab select “Add New Hotel” and mention the details of your property.

e. After adding all the Hotel/ Accommodation Policies go to Inventory and click on Complete.

f. Your Hotel Registration process is completed now.

(Note: Edit Inventory under Hotel Room section after editing the price per room per night).

11. What kind of environmental requirements should I have in my property?

(NOTE: These are advisory tips and there is no compulsion to follow all of them).

Your accommodation must have at least some of these environmental requirements that are a significant part of Ecotourism; they are:

100% renewable energy;
Organic or Locally prepared fresh Food;
Car-free accessibility;
Ecological products;
More than 80% waste recycling;
Energy saving lights;
Solar thermal panels for hot water production;
Water flow reducers;
Recovery & reuse of rainwater.

12. How can I complete my verification process as a Partner?

a. After sign-up to your ECOFNB Account, wait for Admin’s approval.

b. You will receive an email for successful admin approval and then you can login to your account and click on verifications tab from the left-side panel.

c. Fill the required fields and complete the verification process to register your accommodation. Also, mail the same information via email at

d. After successful verification process you will receive an email to list your property with ECOFNB.

e. On your verifications page, your status will update to “Verified”.

13. How can I register “My Room” on ECOFNB?

a. Go to Partner Dashboard, Click on “Hotel” tab and select “Add New Room”.

b. Add all the relevant details with brief description of the room.

c. Add High Resolution images of Room and amenities, facilities and activities.

d. Add Price of the room and select the location of your property.

e. Click on “Complete Your Registration”.

f. After, your room has been successfully added. Now, edit the “Availability” tab.

g. You can manually edit price or click on Bulk edit to set the pricing per room for each category. Save the details and click on “Continue”. Then, Click on “Complete”.

h. Your room registration with Room Price has been successfully added.

14. How can I add Room Category of my Property in Partner Dashboard?

a. Go to Partner Dashboard and click on “Hotel” tab.

b. Select “Add New Room” and fill all the required details to “Add New Room” Category.

c. You can view all your Rooms in “My Room” tab.

15. How to edit the price of each room category?

a. Go to Partner Dashboard and click on “Hotel” tab.

b. Select “My Room” and click on Edit.

c. Click on “Price” to edit the rates of each room category and update the “Availability” tab also to make bulk edit.

d. Click on Save to make the required changes.

e. Then, Click on Complete to update final changes.

16. How can I add Amenities/Facilities of my property?

Adding Accommodation Amenities/Facilities will give a  more detailed overview of the property to your guests. You can add/update Amenities/Facilities of your property in a few steps:

a. Login to your ECOFNB Account and click on Partner Dashboard.

b. Select “Hotel” tab and choose “Facilities” section.

c. Tick all the Facilities, Amenities or Activities that you offer in your property.

d. Click on Continue. At the end, click on Complete to save all the necessary changes.

17. How can I update the inventory of my Property?

a. Login to your ECOFNB Account and click on Partner Dashboard.

b. Select the “Hotel” tab and click on “Edit” icon

c. Select the “Inventory” section and make the changes.

d. Select the “Start date” and “End date” and click on View button.

e. Select the room category and click on the “Pen” icon. Select the number of rooms on the pop-up shown and update them.

f. For more info click on the “?” icon below the calendar.

g. Click on “Continue” and save the changes.

18. How can I make the dates available or unavailable on my property calendar?

a. Login to your ECOFNB Account and click on Partner Dashboard.

b. Go to “My Room” and click on edit.

c. In the “Availability” tab you can change the status of your room availability.

d. Click on “Bulk Edit”.

e. Select the days, dates, months and years for which you need to update the availability status.

f. Enter the price (in case of availability).

g. Change the status to either “Availabilty” or “Unavailability”.

h. And, Click on “Save” to make changes in your property calendar.

For any more queries, contact us at 7078877002 or mail us at

19. How can I add Photos of My Property?

a. Login to your ECOFNB Account and click on Partner Dashboard.

b. Select “Hotel” tab and Click on Edit (yellow icon).

c. Click on “Photos” section.

d. Click on upload Photo and select the photo from your gallery. It is recommended to upload 5-7 images in high resolution (Max size- 2MB)

20. How can I change the Check-in and check-out timings of my property?

a. Login to your ECOFNB Account and click on Partner Dashboard.

b. Select “Hotel” tab and choose “Facilities” section.

c. Edit the “Check-in time” and “check-out time”.

d. Click on “Continue” and finally click on “Save and Complete”.

21. How can I update the address of my property?

a. Login to your ECOFNB Account and click on Partner Dashboard.

b. Select “My Hotel” and click on Edit and choose to “Location” tab.

c. Select your location from the drop-down menu and enter your property’s complete address.

d. Google map will select your location or you can also drag the pin and verify the address.

e. Click on “Continue” to save the changes.


22. How to create an account on ECOFNB as a Guest?

  1. Click on Sign-Up.
  2. Fill the details and select Normal User.
  3. Tick the T&C and Privacy Policy.
  4. You can sign up with email or with Fb/Google account.

23. How will I know whether my booking was successful as a Guest?

Once you have completed your booking transaction, you will receive an email confirmation from ECOFNB Team for the successful booking of your Ecostay/accommodation. Please carry a printout of your booking reservation at the time of your travel. In case, if you have not received any mail regarding booking confirmation; then kindly contact our Help Centre to avoid any confusion regarding your booking status. You can also view your booking status details in your account by clicking on “Booking History”.

24. Which documents are required at the time of Check-in?

It is mandatory for all the guests to carry valid photo identification at the time of Check-in. As per the government rules and regulations, it is mandatory to carry a valid photo ID for every person above the age of 18 years. Without a valid ID proof, a guest will not be allowed to check-in. Note: PAN Cards will not be accepted as valid ID.

25. Is it possible to get Early Check-In and late Check-Out?

Most of the properties listed with us have their respective check-in/check-out timings. However, there are certain properties that allow Early Check-In and late Check-Out, depending upon the availability of the rooms that the stay owner might have at his/herdisposal. Properties listed on our website provide the details of Early Check-In and late Check-Out in their respective Stay Rules. Also, note that it is better to be sure about Early Check-In and late Check-Out details at your stay to avoid any further charges. In case of any confusion, mail us at or contact us +91 7078877002, +91 7078877716.

26. Is there any room charge for our child while staying in the property?

While making your room reservation, mention the number of guests travelling. As every stay has it’s own booking policy and Stay Rules and you (the guest) must abide by them. However, as per our policy, Stay of 1 child up to 5 years of age is complementary without the use of extra mattress. Breakfast charges may be applicable for the child. If your child is more than 5 years old then the standard charges will be applicable.

27. Is there any extra charge for the extra adult in one room?

Any Extra charges such as an extra person, meal plans, etc are property-specific. To know more about these charges “Login” to your ECOFNB Account and Read the complete details of the selected property. At the time of booking, on the billing page, select “extra bed” from “More Options” and check the price for extra person.


28. Why should I make payment through ECOFNB directly?

While making payment using ECOFNB’s payment system you are protected under our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cancellation and Refund Policy, Guest Policy and other safeguards. It also makes easy for you to find your booking details including check-in, check-out details, Stay’s information and other Stay’s Rules, Cancellation Policy and other useful information.

Paying outside our online portal will deprive you of the benefits we provide on our online booking. In addition, it puts your money and personal information at a greater risk of exposure and misuse.  Kindly report us about such fraud if it takes place and mail us at  

29. Is it safe to make an advance payment for my booking?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to make an advance payment on our website portal. It is mandatory to make an advance payment for your booking as per our payment standards. It also helps to avoid any confusion regarding payment procedures and makes your stay hassle-free.

30. How can I cancel my booking?

If you have not received any mail from the ECOFNB team regarding your booking confirmation; you will not be charged for such booking and in case your money is deducted from your bank account it will be refunded within 7-14 working days.

But if you cancel the booking after receiving the successful booking confirmation mail; then you will receive refund as per Our Cancellation & Refund policy specified in the Guest Policy.

To cancel your booking:

a) Go to, login to your account.
b) Click on Booking History. See all your bookings and read the details of Check-in and check-out dates.
c) Tap Cancel. And your booking will be cancelled.

31. In case of cancellation of booking how can the guest receive the refund?

Guest can cancel his booking at any time before the check-in date. To know more about Cancellation & Refund Policy click here.

32. How can I get full refund if I cancel my reservation?

In case, if you decide to cancel a reservation, your refund amount is determined by ECOFNB cancellation policy. However, there are certain terms and conditions to get refund either in full or partial.

Click here to know more about our Guest Policy.

33. After cancellation, when will I receive the refund?

After cancellation is initiated by the guest, it will be verified by our billing team. After successful verification, the amount will be sent to your bank account; provided by you during the cancellation process. Once the refund is initiated, you will receive an email of the same.

34. How do I check the status of my refund after canceling my booking?

Once the refund is initiated, you will receive an email from our Payment Gateway Partner- Razorpay. Look for the RRN number (Refund Request Number) on your email by RazorPay. You can use this RRN to track your refund status.

35. What happens if my refund gets delayed?

The refund process usually takes up to 7-14 working days. The refund amount must get reflected in your bank account within this time frame. If you face any delays, use RRN to get live updates for your refund on Razorpay.

For any further queries, mail us at or contact us.


• What are “Farmstays”?

Farmstays can be a unique accommodation choice for those who prefer to live on a working farm.

It offers a variety of farming activities for the guests and their children can also participate in some of the activities and learn how a farm actually functions. A Farmstay allows tourists to stay in the small cottages or rooms and take active part in farm life. Some of the Farmstays are interactive, as they offer opportunities to feed animals, collect eggs and take active part in other farm-related activities. Others are less interactive and offer the guests a peaceful retreat to stay at a farm.

• What are the different types of farming activities, a guest can do in a Farmstay?

Due to health and safety measures, simple work activities can be done by a guest on the farm. This includes the feeding and moving of stock, collecting eggs, watch how milk is collected, farm tour on back of the tractor or any other vehicle, visiting neighbouring farms, if possible.

• How much time is required to book a Farmstay?

We appreciate advance notice to be given to make your stay more interesting. Farmstay owners will make all the necessary arrangements for the farm-related activities accordingly.

Individual Bookings: 1 week notice is preferred.

Group Bookings: At least 2 weeks’ notice is preferable for the group Farmstay Bookings.

• What do you mean by the term “Agrostays”?

Another interesting accommodation option that we offer you is an Agrostay. It involves any agriculture-related activity that brings the tourists to a farm or ranch. It allows you to have an authentic connection with the agricultural life, taste the locally available farm food and enjoy various farming tasks and activities.

• What do you mean by the term “Homestays”?

Homestays are another accommodation alternative that provides you an opportunity to stay with a local family. They are suitable and affordable for the travellers who are seeking a real and authentic travel experience. It allows the guests to visit and experience the local community and culture of the place they’re travelling.

Our Partners (homestay owners) have their own unique interests and hobbies which further complements the guests to have a pleasant experience and a comfortable stay.

They help their guests to visit the popular nearby places, cafes and restaurants to experience the local culture of the place. It’s a convenient and pocket-friendly choice for the travellers and bag packers.