Packing can be a tiresome task when it comes to traveling. It does not matter whether it’s your first time or your 20th when it comes to packing your stuff perfectly without missing any essential item. 

So, here we’re ready to share with you the comprehensive packing list while planning a holiday. It’s important to carry all your must-haves to enjoy your vacation trip to the fullest.

We call ourselves travel enthusiasts with an average knowledge about travel gears, gadgets and backpacks. Well, let’s be honest here; it’s more than the average. We’ve been traveling for almost 8 years now and the goal of creating this packing list is to provide you with the tips to pack your stuff as efficiently as possible. With a huge stash of backpacks, camera equipment and other electronic gadgets we make our travel journey a bit more interesting and meaningful. Well, it’s always been helpful to carry a list of essentials that you may want to pack for your next trip. 

So, here we are ready to share with you some of our travel essentials and a comprehensive list of items that we wish to take along with us on our travel journey.

Packing is in itself a very important skill that I have realized from my past few mistakes. I always used to pack on an impromptu basis. Now, after learning from my mistakes; I call it a skill because you have to be ready for all sorts of situations when you are out somewhere; especially if it happens to be a remote location. And, at the same time, you don’t want to carry the burden of the entire house on your shoulders. 

At times, it’s difficult to find the perfect balance to pack correctly. We’re still in the learning process and have realised that it’s better to have a detailed list of all the essentials that you might need for your travel journey.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the travel gears and gadgets that we pack before we begin our travel expedition:

Comprehensive Packing list that you need before planning for your next trip

1. Travel Bag

Before going any further, it’s important to find a versatile and flexible travel bag that will satisfy all your packing needs. It must have adequate zip partitions to pack your stuff more comfortably and in a much more organized manner. While considering the duration of your trip, you must carry a suitable bag with enough space to hold all of your travel essentials.

There are various options of travel bags in the market these days like rolling luggage, duffel bags, wheeled backpacks, etc. But our personal favourites are travel backpacks with no extra weight of wheels and they are easy to carry.

Tip: It’s really important to purchase a travel bag with an amazing warranty period. You would hate to feel embarrassed about a broken wheel or zipper while travelling or at an airport

2. Organize your Travel Essentials

Here’s a clothing packing list that we follow:

  • Lightweight clothes that can be easily layered
  • Full-sleeves shirts/t-shirts/tops
  • Sweaters/jackets (for cold regions)
  • Pants/trousers or shorts
  • Socks
  • Comfortable Shoes, hiking or trekking shoes
  • Undergarments
  • Sleepwear
  • Dresses, skirts, casual jackets
  • Bandanas/scarf

Other Miscellaneous items:

  • Sunglasses/spectacles
  • USB Charger/power bank
  • Torch
  • Earplugs/headphones

Guys! Please keep in mind that it’s very important to pack according to your own travel needs and you can modify or add certain travel essentials as per your own choice.

3. Packing Cubes

These are the must-haves that we highly recommend you guys try at least once while traveling. They are so much useful and lightweight and you can easily adjust them in your backpacks. Zippered packing cubes come in all sizes and shapes, that will help you pack according to your travel needs. They are designed in such a way to organize and compartmentalize clothes and other packing stuff, giving you an extra space to pack more. Isn’t it awesome guys!

Comprehensive Packing list that you need before planning for your next trip

4. Pack your toiletries

After clothing, it’s time to pack your toiletries as per your own travel needs. Here’s a comprehensive packing list of toiletries:

  • Hairbrush/comb, hair ties/pins
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
  • Perfume/cologne/deodorant
  • Sunscreen (SPF must be as per your travel destination)
  • Creams/body lotions
  • Mild shampoos and conditioners
  • Face wash/face scrub and makeup remover wipes
  • Lip balms/lipsticks/lip gloss
  • Feminine products
  • Shaving kit, scissors, nail cutter
  • Travel towel

Bonus Tip: We personally feel that travelers must enjoy their travel routes too especially if you’re planning a Road trip. So, here are some of the travel comforting tips and ideas that you can use on your next trip:

  • Travel pillows/cushions/soft toys (for kids), blankets
  • Eye-mask, earplugs/headphones
  • Deck of cards/Badminton racket/football/basketball or any other travel games
  • Steel water bottle (it’s a must! Don’t forget to carry and refill it )
  • Travel books, magazines, kindle, etc.

5. Travel Document Organizer

It’s extremely important to carry all your travel-related documents cautiously. We prefer to carry them in a travel organizer. It holds passports, boarding passes (in case of flights), credit/debit cards, Cash, ID proofs, Stay/Accommodation related booking details, travel itinerary, and all other travel-related documents.

Comprehensive Packing list that you need before planning for your next trip

6. GoPro

This is our new favourite travel belonging that we’d love to carry with us on every journey. This little device has so many features and fun ways to capture a stunning view or to take your selfie that we are in awe of it. They are light-weighed, small and easy to carry and the image quality of GoPro is extremely good. We are still practising and learning about the different ways to use this device.

Our GoPro Accessories:

Selfie stick: This stick helps you when you wish to click your selfie along with other people. It also helps to capture a perfect video. You can easily purchase it from online/offline stores. They are super cheap and very useful.

Extra battery: It’s always preferable to buy an extra battery right away. Since the battery backup of Gro Pro is just for a few hours and there would be nothing worse than a dead battery on the middle of an adventure. We have faced such issues ourselves that literally ruined our exciting adventure so; we want you to save yours.

GoPro Protective Housing (especially for Hero 8 – We have it guys!!): It’s important to have protective housing for the safety of your GoPro for underwater adventure shoots. It has an impressive diving range from 10m to anywhere around 60m. 

GoPro Super Suit (For all older GoPro cameras): It serves as one of the best waterproof housing for all the older versions of GoPro cameras. It can dive up to 60m while protecting the camera. It also has a flat glass lens that will deliver maximum sharpness.

 GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount: It’s extremely beneficial if you are a biker and someone who loves to wander. You can stick it on the front or side of your headgear depending on what suits you the best.

Comprehensive Packing list that you need before planning for your next trip

7. A Microfiber Towel

These towels might be small but don’t be fooled by their size. Microfiber towels are super absorbent and easy to carry in your backpack. You can use any size that you wish to carry for the face, hands, or body.  Yes, we have used them. They are worth it and not so expensive.

Comprehensive Packing list that you need before planning for your next trip

8. Laptop

We planned and decided to purchase a laptop specifically for our traveling purpose. It’s feasible to have a cheap and easy-to-carry mini laptop for adventure trips. We have a 14-inch Acer Laptop that fulfills all our needs. We use it for editing GoPro videos, blogging, watching movies, vlog editing, handling our social media accounts, etc.

And, there you have our complete packing list for your next trip. We have tried our best to answer all your queries and give you a comprehensive packing list for your next travel journey.