6 Reasons Why Organic Food is Better for Our Health

Imagine yourself living on a farm stay! Surrounded by lush greens with amazing scenic views and has an organic kitchen garden from where you can pluck fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy your freshly-cooked meal. Isn’t it a joy in itself? You can eat nutritious and healthy food; free from any pesticides and artificial chemicals […]

Why you should limit your Plastic Waste Before It’s Too Late!

Have you ever realized that you are surrounded by how much plastic? Can you tell us and could you avoid it? We humans are surrounded by several plastic products varying from food containers to water bottles, from pens to remote covers, and even our mobile covers are made of plastic. Do you ever realize what […]

Enjoy Your Leisure Time with the Best of Nature at these Top 10 Offbeat Places near Mukteshwar

Located at an altitude of 2,286 meters above sea level; Mukteshwar is a perfect tourist spot in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand. It offers stunning scenic splendor with amazing views of the snow-capped Himalayas. This quaint place offers superb weather with a cold breeze blowing throughout the day. Mukteshwar has loads to offer to the […]

An Ultimate Travel Guide to Mukteshwar: The Best Place to Unplug and Reconnect with Nature

Perched at an elevation of 2,286 meters in the Kumaon hills of Uttarkhand is a beautiful town named Mukteshwar. It is a peaceful and relaxing tourist destination in the pristine state of Uttarakhand that offers magnificent Himalayan views. This quaint place got it’s name from a famous Shiva Temple popularly known as the ‘Mukteshwar Dham’. […]

Comprehensive Packing list that you need before planning for your next trip

Packing can be a tiresome task when it comes to traveling. It does not matter whether it’s your first time or your 20th when it comes to packing your stuff perfectly without missing any essential item.  So, here we’re ready to share with you the comprehensive packing list while planning a holiday. It’s important to […]

Pangot- A serene place to visit near Nainital that will leave you enthralled in the hills of Uttarakhand

Table of Contents Pangot- An unexplored hidden jewel of Uttarakhand Bird watcher’s paradise Best time to visit How to reach Activities/Things to do  Food- Pahadi Cuisine Tourist attractions in Pangot  Eco stays in Pangot  Tips + tricks – How to plan a trip to Pangot Conclusion Welcome to the magical forests of Pangot! A quaint […]

Green village; a fascinating place to stay in the lap of Nature

Surrounded by lush green forests with far-spread grasslands, beautiful landscapes with clean surroundings; a green village is like any other village anywhere in the world, but it has chosen a sustainable way to live, i.e. living a good quality life with optimum utilization of natural resources; that helps in fulfilling the needs of the community […]

How Tourism can help in achieving Clean Water and Sanitization- Sustainable Development Goals

Clean water plays a vital role to protect our health, community and ecosystem. It’s important to maintain the health of our rivers, lakes, canals, coastal waters and other water bodies to get clean fresh water. Streams and wetlands provide several benefits to the communities such as holding floodwater, recharge of groundwater supplies, reducing pollution effects […]

How to practice the 3R’s as an Eco-conscious traveler

While people across the globe are taking steps to reduce their plastic consumption in their daily lives, only a few think about the ways to reduce plastic waste on a vacation. We must realize that reducing waste pollution has more to it than just ditching single-use plastics.  Every bit counts! Whether you’re opting for eco-friendly […]

Top 7 Sustainable Travel ideas to emerge a new beginning as a Responsible Traveler

Actions speak louder than words. This is a simple mantra that showcases the real nature of a person towards life. And, by saying that we mean what a person truly believes and practices in his/her daily regime. In the past few years, travel has become more accessible and meaningful. It has become an important part […]

Explore the Pristine Village of Dwarahat, a hidden jewel of Uttarakhand

Nestled in the lap of nature, this divine place is dotted with numerous ancient temples, treks and guided nature walks. From picturesque landscapes to spellbinding treks, jaw-dropping views of the great Himalayas; this dreamy paradise has it all. The pristine village is surrounded by 55 ancient temples that were constructed by the Katyuri Kings in […]

10 off-beat destinations to visit near Nainital to get an enthralling experience

With splendid lake views surrounded by hazy mountains and beautiful landscapes; Nainital is one of the must-visited places on everyone’s travel list. With incredible views of dense oak and pine forests and colonial bungalows located in the city area, this place has topped in the list of most visited places in Uttarakhand. Located at an […]

Top 10 tips to know before planning a perfect Road Trip for Adventure Enthusiasts

If you’re someone who loves to travel and explore new surroundings in very remote areas and live a stress-free life then planning a Road trip is the best thing to do. India is a perfect destination where nature lovers and travel enthusiasts never fall short of unexplored and hidden places in the country. Here, are […]

How to Plan a Perfect Road Trip to Uttarakhand during Covid-19 Restrictions

This year, many people with an urge to wanderlust have found a way to travel by open roads. Road trips offer you the liberty to take detours whenever you want and to explore the off-beat and unexplored paths that are far more interesting than a typical tourist spot. The last two years since the covid-19 […]

10 Fabulous street foods you must try while planning a trip to Uttarakhand

If you are a food lover who loves to explore the new food Delicacies that are readily available then Uttarakhand is just the place for you. From mouthwatering dishes to protein-rich pahadi food you can enjoy the taste of every street in Uttarakhand. The state offers a mix of Kumaouni, Garhwali and Nepali delicacies that […]

An Ultimate Travel Guide for Solo Female Travelers

If you’re a woman who is open to new experiences in life and who has yet to explore solo traveling then you must read these solo traveling tips to keep you safe. Solo traveling experiences can be full of rewards and surprises that are satisfying and worth giving a shot. If you’re a female solo […]

Top 9 Reasons Why you should stay at Homestays in Uttarakhand

For someone who loves to explore and thrives on an authentic travel experience; the best solution would be to stay at a Homestay. If you are someone who would prefer to avoid crowded areas and stay at a hassle-free place then there is no better accommodation choice than a homestay. Staying in a homestays in […]

The Impact of Sustainable Tourism on the pristine beauty of Nainital

A perfect weekend getaway for nature lovers and travel wanderers; located amidst the heavenly beauty of the great Himalayas is Nainital. With steep forestry, lush greenery, sun-shined mountains, and pleasant climate; this attractive hill station is famous since the British era. Nainital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uttarakhand; known for its […]

The Role of Organic Farming leading to Ecotourism

When global warming is literally straining our planet leading to severe climatic changes and giving rise to several diseases; ecotourism comes into action. The benefits of ecotourism can be numerous and organic farming is one of them. Organic farming acts as a medium to promote Ecotourism which has a revolutionizing effect on the travel industry. […]

Top 16 Cheap Places to visit in Nainital; the City of Lakes

Words cannot really justify the serene beauty of this glittering place. Known for its beautiful lake and magnificent architectural work; Nainital is the most attractive hill station of India. As per your travel choices, you can select from a plethora of tourist hotspots in Nainital.  From the eye-shaped Nainital Lake to Tiffin top, from Kilbury […]

How Ecotourism helps to save and maintain healthy Forests and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Do you know that around 30 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered by forests? Forest helps to preserve the biodiversity and integrity of our ecosystem. They play a vital role in protecting our ecology and the environment. We must understand that the continuous growth in ecotourism has the potential to save several endangered […]

18 Responsible Travel Tips You Must Know Before You Plan Your Next Trip

Traveling in the magnificent mountains with fantastic scenic views is like a dream come true for anyone. It’s simply beautiful and nerve relaxing, especially when you are tired of the daily chores of life. As responsible travelers, we must plan to travel ethically and act to protect our natural environment and planet Earth. However, we […]

Welcome to the Humble Abode of Kasar Devi in the pristine hills of Uttarakhand

Trundling down the hilly roads of Almora is a peaceful hamlet of Kasar Devi which seems to be a perfect getaway for backpackers and travel voyagers. This hidden jewel of Uttarakhand is well known for the famous Kasar Devi Temple, built in the 2nd century CE and is still an intriguing tourist destination of the place. […]