Imagine yourself living on a farm stay! Surrounded by lush greens with amazing scenic views and has an organic kitchen garden from where you can pluck fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy your freshly-cooked meal. Isn’t it a joy in itself? You can eat nutritious and healthy food; free from any pesticides and artificial chemicals to live a much happier and healthier life.

It would be a memorable experience where you can indulge yourself in the beauty of nature and eat tasteful and mouth-watering healthy food.

Organic food has gained extreme popularity in recent years. But have you realised that the word “organic” is more than how agricultural produce has been grown and processed; without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilisers.

 In order to live a healthier life, one must have complete transparency in the food that he/she eats every day. To understand more about the benefits of eating organic produce; here are certain advantages to having a complete perceptive of why you must choose organic food products.

1. More nutritious for the Mind and Body

According to various studies, it has been found that organic food like grains, fruits and vegetables are high in nutritional value than non-organic food. Such produce has a huge amount of nutrients like iron, magnesium, vitamins and phosphorus in them. You will get more nutrients and antioxidants in every bite that you’ll have.

6 Reasons Why Organic Food is Better for Our Health

2. Helps to save the Environment and promotes Sustainability

Farmers cannot use any pesticides and herbicides while growing organic food. The growth hormones and other synthetic chemicals that are used while growing the crop can cause health and environmental issues. These pesticides are much more harmful to the environment than the insects that they are designed to kill. 

Organic farming without pesticides is also better for the birds and animals as well as people who live in the surroundings of these farmlands. It favours crop rotation practices, improves soil fertility, prefers the use of green and animal manures and helps in reducing the impact of soil erosion.

6 Reasons Why Organic Food is Better for Our Health

3. No GMOs are ingested

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are altered in such a way in which they do not occur naturally. From plants to animals and many other micro-organisms can be genetically modified. But the use of genetic engineering in such food items prohibits them to be labelled as organic food. Organic farmers cannot plant GMO seeds to have organic produce. 

4. Reduces the risk of consuming harmful Pesticides

Organic fruits, vegetables and grains are grown without the use of any antibiotics and pesticides. Organic produce is a better choice to consume and keep your body healthy and safe. 

6 Reasons Why Organic Food is Better for Our Health

5. Organic food is NOT always Expensive

Many of us have a perception about organic food that they are expensive. However, they can be slightly expensive in comparison with commercially-grown produce. This is because they are grown on smaller farms and organic produce takes much more time to fully grow than conventional ones.

Many cities, towns and villages host a weekly farmer’s market to sell their locally grown produce at an open street market. It is better to purchase fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market than to buy from grocery stores or malls.

6. Organic food minimises the risk of developing Cancer

Many consumers prefer eating organic food to non-organic food, assuming that it is a healthy choice. Though, it may seem sensible also to consume food that is less contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. But according to different studies, there is no clear evidence that organic food helps in reducing cancer risk. 

Organically grown produce is a much healthier choice than eating commercially produced food. We hope you might want to try organically grown fruits and vegetables and taste the delicious food produced.